Human development report 2000 pdf

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human development report 2000 pdf

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The disease is impeding development by imposing a steady decline in the key indicators of human development and hence reversing the social and economic gains that African countries are striving to attain. Being at the same time a cause and consequence of poverty and underdevelopment, it constitutes a challenge to human security and human development by diminishing the chances of alleviating poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality, reducing child and maternal mortality, and ensuring environmental sustainability. HDI is a three dimensional composite index obtained as a mean of three indicators weighed equally: health life expectancy at birth , standard of living GDP per capita and education literacy and enrolment. HD rank evolution of ten African countries [ 2 ]. Despite the success of vaccination programs for polio and many childhood diseases, other diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are still out of control in the majority of African countries. Children remain at high risk. Indeed, in , of the 57 million deaths reported worldwide,
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Human Development Report looks at human rights as an intrinsic part of to its new global rules. Download: PDF icon Human Rights.

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Cross-cultural correlates of life satisfaction and self-esteem. The analysis of cross-household and cross-district data points to the importance of developing human capital, growth is not an end itself, investments in physical infrastructures such as. The level of TFR currently stands at 3. But.

All these impressive successes show that improvement in living standards need not be mediated through private income growth. Benin: HIV prevalence and life expectancy and education indices in different regions [ 15 ]. Achievements Challenges Impressive reduction in fertility. Life satisfaction in Eastern Asian countries.

SecondM, NGO or private sector, these successes cannot be apportioned to successive political regimes. Third. Suzuki andG. Mikucka.

Investment in human capital education, and nutrition and development of rural non-farm sectors can be compensatory in promoting greater equity in the system. Raising the rate of income-poverty reduction. Congo 6.

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Policies that promote equity are also good for higher geport and faster rate of poverty reduction. The poor are not a static category, as there is a continuous movement in and out of poverty. Mauritius Tunisia. Policies that promote equity are also good for higher growth and faster rate of poverty reduction.

Achievements Challenges Impressive reduction in fertility. Achieving sustainable reduction in future. Under-five mortality has registered significant drop. But maternal mortality remains high, with persisting gender-gap in life expectancy. Child anthropometry shows that malnutrition is declining in recent years.

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  1. How social relations and structures can produce happiness and unhappiness: An international comparative analysis. Life satisfaction in enlarged Europe! It has become the major cause of illness and death among the young and middle-aged Zambians, who are the most productive age group. Journal of Economic literature, 46 1.👨‍🦱

  2. Helliwell, the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health was established to explore the relationship between health and economic development. InJ. Raising the rate of income-poverty reduction. This is because poverty is caused by many factors.🙋

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