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heath ledger joker book

A look inside Heath Ledger’s sinister ‘Joker journal’ for The Dark Knight | The Independent

Sadly, the actor died just before the film's release and was not able to see the success of what's widely regarded as one of the best comic book movies and films, in general, of all time. With Todd Phillips' Joker, critics and fans were expecting Joaquin Phoenix's performance to be on par with, or perhaps even surpass Ledger's. What made him pop so much was the chaos and anarchy he represented. Ledger's Mistah J didn't just terrorize society, he wanted "a better class of criminal" for Gotham. His Joker even understood how more criminals could create more vigilantes, people who also might be monsters and, overall, a part of the problem. The way the character transitioned from wanting the Bat dead to feeling his presence made him complete, really brought a sense of intimidation and wonder straight from the comics. The performance even improved upon what Jack Nicholson did in Tim Burton's '89 movie.
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Heath Ledger’s Creepy Joker Diary Revealed

Why Heath Ledger is Still The Best Joker

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Retrieved 12 November Between takes, Ledger would stay in costume and makeup just being himself. Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. He just had the best time ever doing that film.

​Heath Ledger's insomnia skyrocketed when he prepared to play the Joker

The Dark Knight: How Heath Ledger's Joker Was Born

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art is subjective. Of course, Phoenix has big, floppy clown shoes to fill: Every iteration of the Joker must weigh itself against the new standard set over a decade ago by the late, great Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Yet it also set an incredibly high standard that no one — not even Jared Leto, the kid from Gotham — has been able to touch up till now. As with all things, we have to start at the beginning.


This cookie is set by Google and stored under the name dounleclick. The cookie is set by instagram to enable the user to browse through the website securely by bokk any cross-site request forgery. Few actors are so committed to their roles that they would happily crack tiles by throwing themselves into walls. What made him pop so much was the chaos and anarchy he represented.

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Heatg 12 November He was played by Australian actor Heath Ledger. I eagerly anticipate more. Then, water was sprayed over the eyes and the actor would squeeze his eyes and shake his head to create imperfections in the makeup.

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  1. It's a combination of reading all the comic books I could that were relevant to the script and then just closing my eyes and meditating on it.

  2. He died 10 years ago today and the diary provides an insight into the mindset he got into for one of his final roles.

  3. Source: Warner Bros Warren Buffett's favorite encyclopedia became his 'most difficult problem. Warren Buffett's favorite encyclopedia became his 'most difficult problem. A Wall Street expert lays out the exact scenario that could cause the stock market's next big meltdown Forget — here are the 9 biggest games coming in His committed performance brought the iconic comic book to character to life in the most terrifying way imaginable. 🤾‍♂️

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