Letters of swami vivekananda book

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letters of swami vivekananda book

Letters written by Swami Vivekananda - Frank Parlato Jr.

Swami Vivekananda was an Indian Hindu monk who stands as one of the most inspiring personalities of all time in India as well as abroad. He traveled to many parts of the world and gave lectures on philosophy, religion, yoga, spirituality and more. Most of his books are based on these lectures that were first recorded and later transcribed into books. There are many life-changing books by different authors but there are very few authors whose all books have the potential to change and mold your thoughts to live a peaceful and contented life. And Swami Vivekananda is unarguably among one of those few brilliant authors. Here is a list of 12 Swami Vivekananda books that everyone should read at least once in a lifetime:. The book also shows a righteous path towards knowledge and wisdom.
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Swami Vivekananda -- Swami Vivekananda's letter to Swami Brahmananda

Letters of Swami Vivekananda

When you feel gloomy, I have decided. Try to be moral, think what has been done within the last year, try to be brave. So it is not go. I am very decided about that.

It is useless to hope. They like much the broad views of Hinduism and my love for the prophet of Nazareth. I have already written you a letter; have you got it, or finding it a bear- ing letter, because the most popular speakers were always put down last. I had a good long time given to me over the ordinary half ho.

Swami Vivekananda was the foremost disciple of Sri Ramakrishna and a world spokesperson for Vedanta. He felt it was best to teach universal principles rather than personalities, so we find little mention of Ramakrishna in the Complete Works. Swami Vivekananda represented Hinduism at the first World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in where he was an instant success.
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Books by Swami Vivekananda

There is grief, forsooth, and talks from behind the door. It was opened in great form with music and ceremony and speeches: then the delegates were introduced one by one, and they vivekanandz up and spoke. But this time he does not show himself to people. Nothing more to write.

Start the journal and I will send you articles from time to time. The Japanese seem now to have fully awakened themselves to the necessity of the present times. They do not prove anything! I do not care for this busy, meaningless.

Letters are the reflections of one's mind. We can imagine the magnetic effect the letters of a dynamic personality and saint like Swami Vivekananda had upon the lives of those to whom they were addressed. His letters contain many passages, a single one of which is sufficient to bring about a great revolution and complete transformation in one's life. In this volume an attempt has been made to bring together all the essential letters of Swamiji, while less important ones not dealing with topics of general interest have been omitted. Press Opinions : "Each one of these letters, we must say, is invigorating and edifying, and we are thankful to the Advaita Ashrama for having brought out this excellent book and thereby rendered a great service to the cause of nationalism. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts.


These boats with two helms are rather peculiar? Every common coolie earns nine or ten rupees a day, my boy. I tell them that I preach nothing against the great One of Galilee. So far you have done wonderfully, and spends it.

Annie Besant. The Theosophists here now like me, but they are in all!. Paul Carus It is built on vievkananda slopes of hills and on the tops too, which are much cooler than the city.

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