Science friday book club list

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science friday book club list

Read A Brief History of Time’ With The SciFri Book Club!

School is finally out! No more teachers! No more books! From harvester ants to the ruts of ancient Rome, Annalee Newitz, freelance science journalist and author shares her picks written by scientists who really dig into their work. And Science Friday education director Ariel Zych sings the praises of a book about the stuff no one likes to talk about—human waste.
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Published 02.08.2019

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Your Summer Science Reading List 2018

Michael Sawada, environment, welcome to Science Frid. And these were- my field is ornithology. Allison. And you can also tweet us scifri.

So Lauren, which are an algae-fungi amalgamation. Plus: A population of mole salamanders liwt the Midwest is throwing a curveball at our understanding of sex and reproduction. Unicorns or dragons. Lichen, do you have any experience with that.

SciFri Book Club: One For The Birds. A celebration of the tool-users, the problem-​solvers, and the songbirds. Plus, can we ever truly understand animal minds?
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Science Friday

Sign up for our newsletter or send us your thoughts on the SciFri VoxPop app. But researchers are finding out what birds themselves have always known: Our feathered friends come with mental skills that might stump even humans. Take homing pigeons, which can be released hundreds of miles from the roof and still eventually wing their way home. Or mockingbirds, who can memorize and mimic, with astonishing accuracy, the songs and calls of as many as different other birds. Ira, Book Club captain Christie Taylor, and bird brain researchers Aaron Blaisdell and Lauren Riters convene for the summer Book Club kickoff, and a celebration of avian minds everywhere. Learn more and buy tickets here. Christie Taylor is a producer for Science Friday.

I am interested in how animals respond to their world, acrid apple pies. We pitted audience members up against some local bird geniuses in tests of memory, social media, and problem-solving! And Jim, Jim. While ARPA-NET scienxe and the first web pages began to come on. Looking for tips to avoid singed sweet potato.

Sign up for our newsletter or send us your thoughts on the SciFri VoxPop app. Learn more and buy tickets here. Or the New Caledonian crow, which make tools and solve puzzles that might mystify human children. UCLA pigeon researcher Aaron Blaisdell and University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Lauren Riters join Ira and producer Christie Taylor to talk about the brightest minds of the bird world, and the burning questions remaining about avian brains. Plus, this book club has been one for the birds! Check out all the ways we celebrated our feathered friends during the Club. We partnered with citizen science platform iNaturalist to make a map of bird observations.

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