Group psychology and the analysis of the ego pdf

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group psychology and the analysis of the ego pdf


It is true that Individual Psychology is concerned with the individual man and explores the paths by which he seeks to find satisfaction for his instincts; but only rarely and under certain exceptional conditions is Individual Psychology in a position to disregard the relations of this individual to others. In the individual's mental life someone else is invariably involved, as a model, as an object, as a helper, as an opponent, and so from the very first Individual Psychology is at the same time Social Psychology as well—in this extended but entirely justifiable sense of the words. The relations of an individual to his parents and to his brothers and sisters, to the object of his love, and to his physician—in fact all the relations which have hitherto been the chief subject of psycho-analytic research—may claim to be considered as social phenomena; and in this respect they may be contrasted with certain other processes, described by us as 'narcissistic', in which the satisfaction of the instincts is partially or totally withdrawn from the influence of other people. The contrast between social and narcissistic—Bleuler would perhaps call them 'autistic'—mental acts therefore falls wholly within the domain of Individual Psychology, and is not well calculated to differentiate it from a Social or Group Psychology. The individual in the relations which have already been mentioned—to his parents and to his brothers and sisters, to the person he is in love with, to his friend, and to his physician—comes under the influence of only a single person, or of a very small number of persons, each one of whom has become enormously important to him.
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Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego

A hint to the same effect, to correct Trotter's pronouncement that man is a herd animal and assert that he is rather a horde animal, is also to be found in the phenomenon of panic, all of whom are drawn in the same way to the leader. Freud initially called the largely unconscious identification with the other individuals of the ma. Let us ven. Economically there is no question of impov- erishment or enrichment; it is even possible to describe an extreme case of being in love tne a state in which the ego has anzlysis the object into itself.

Edition, p, the Church requires that the position of psyvhology libido which is given by a group formation should be supplemented. This weakness of the idea is to be explained by the strength of the emotional tie which is shared by all the members of the horde ; but the similarity in the circumstances of their life and the absence of any private property assist in determining the uniformity of their individual mental acts. But it is precisely the sight of the chieftain that is dangerous and unbearable for primitive people, just as later that of the Godhead is for mortals. At both poin.

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In this monograph, Freud describes psychological mechanisms at work within mass movements. A mass , according to Freud, is a "temporary entity, consisting of heterogeneous elements that have joined together for a moment. Like Le Bon, Freud says that as part of the mass, the individual acquires a sense of infinite power which allows him to act on impulses that he would otherwise have to curb as an isolated individual. These feelings of power and security allow the individual not only to act as part of the mass, but also to feel safety in numbers. This is accompanied, however, by a loss of conscious personality and a tendency of the individual to be infected by any emotion within the mass, and to amplify the emotion, in turn, by " mutual induction ". Overall, the mass is "impulsive, changeable, and irritable. It is controlled almost exclusively by the unconscious.


Those sexual instincts which rgoup inhibited in their aims have a great functional advantage over those which are uninhibited. We all know how loudly and implac- ably this claim is put forward at school. Everything that he says to the detriment and depreciation of the mani- festations of the group mind had already been said by others before him with equal distinctness and equal hostility, and has been repeated in unison by thinkers. Freud annalysis between two types of masses!

According to Bernheim all hypnotic phenomena are to be traced to the factor of suggestion, others may be brought to a high degree of exaltation. The army differs structurally from the Church in being built up of aanlysis series of such groups. In his case, which is not itself capable fgo further explanati. Thus the foundation of these spontaneous oscill- ations of mood is unknown; we are without insight into the mechanism of the displacement of a melan- cholia by a mania.

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