The lion and the rabbit pdf

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the lion and the rabbit pdf

Short Story ” The Hare and The Lion” Complete Story for Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.

Post a Comment. One day, the unfortunate animal chosen was a rabbit. He was really afraid of dying so instead of going to the Lion at the appointed time, the rabbit waited until after lunch. The Lion was very angry when the rabbit eventually appeared and demanded to know why he had arrived late. The fearful rabbit told the Lion that he had been late because there was another lion in his kingdom who also wanted to eat him. He had been hiding from this other lion!
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The Hare and The Tortoise Story - Bedtime Story by Kids Hut - English Stories For Kids

The Lion and The Rabbit Story

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom! I got away with much difficulty to give my life to you, your majesty". Pfd wants to say something. Other animals laughed at it.

He was very wise. Clever Rabbit and the Lion. When the King heard this he ordered the rabbit to take him to the other lion. The lion look it as challenge to his authority?

No Words Meaning Function Story about: The Lion and the Rabbit 1 Afraid ‫ ت سید‬/ ‫ه اس‬ adj 2 Agree ‫قبو ك د‬، ‫مواف ت ك د‬ v A cruel lion lived in the forest.
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Book#36 The Clever Rabbit and the Lion English

We're safe. Because he wanted to show the other lion that he was the king in his kingdom! He saved his life and also the other animals lives as well! Intelligence is often better than strength? I thd a rabbit, and the lion is a lion!

Retold by Susanna Davidson Illustrated by Daniel Howarth Once open a time, in a great big jungle lived a great big lion. He had great big paws and very sharp claws. Im king of the jungle, roared Lion. Im going to eat you all up. Youre small and weak, said Lion. You cant stop me.


He said, "Sir. You are taking me to see this other lion. Somebody else must do it!. The jungle animals came rushing out.

From me?. Description: Short story. What was the pool like. Tags: .

The lion looked into the well and saw his image in the water considering it to another lion? Yes, said Clever Rabbit. Dont worry! Subscribe rabbot Post Comments Atom.

Report this Document. Do you think the rabbit was intelligent. Princess Rapunzel - English Short Stories for kids Once, a witch stole a baby girl named Rapunzel and took her to dpf tall tower with no Rishi Kesavaram.

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  1. Role-Plays Short Stories. There is no other lion. DEER: He really scares me!. Follow me.

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