Mcqs in preventive and social medicine pdf

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mcqs in preventive and social medicine pdf

Preventive and Social Medicine

Chapter 1 Evolution of Preventive Medicine 1. Who is the author of this famous quotation, "Since both in importance and in time, health precedes disease, so we ought to consider first how health may be preserved, and then how one may best cure disease". Galen b. Hippocrates c. Atreya Answer a Galen A.
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Multiple Choice Questions in Preventive and Social Medicine

Therefore screening Programmes are useful for those conditions where the time lag between the disease onset and final critical point for treatment perventive be effective is sufficiently long. Association does not necessarily mean a causal relationship. Subjective state of a person feeling unwell c. British sailors thence became known as Limeys'.

Years of life lost to premature death medicinw years lived with disability adjusted for the severity of the disability' is known as: a! Reduce the effects of sampling variation d. Who introduced the concept of social medicine. The concept of health in Ayurvedic medicine is a state of balance between: a.

Oral polio b. Person shedding the disease agent even after treatment d? A discussion about lessons learnt after completion of a health camp d. This design of study ls known as: a.

Jaryan is the disease in which patient get involuntary semen discharge. England Answer b 4. It depends on three factors: i. Antibodies and other factors in breast milk b.

The disease agent lies dormant within the host and may not be detectable in blood, tissues or other mesicine. Cross sectional study c. Disposable material d. Branch of medical science which treats epidemics b.

Proportional mortality d. The purpose of a double blind study is to: a. Contamination of the body surface does not imply a carrier state! Phenol b.

As the Baby Boomers age, concerns over healthcare systems' abilities to accommodate geriatric patients grow increasingly challenging. Unlike any other time in history, this demographic is the fastest growing segment of most developed countries. In the United States the oldest old is projected to double from 4.
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How to cite this article: Sharma R. Textbook of community medicine — Preventive and social medicine. To keep pace with the ever-changing public health scenario, it is very necessary to revise and update the facts and figures in the textbook s , while keeping it simple and reader-friendly to generate and maintain interest in the subject among the end users. Gone are the days when the under and postgraduate students of Community Medicine had to rely solely on a textbook of a particular author. Several books by different Indian authors are now available in the market to choose from.

Salk d. In the triple blind trial, the participant. British sailors thence became known as Limeys'! Case control. All are medicind for randomized controlled trial RCT except: a.

Uploaded by. Pathology is a rapidly expanding and ever-changing field which forms the foundation for understanding diseases. General pathology covers the basic mechanisms of diseases whereas systemic. Book details 3. Nearly This highly acclaimed textbook-written specifically for students of medicine and related health science subjects-progresses from a review of general pathology principles and disease mechanisms through detailed discussions of the pathologic entities associated with each organ system. Introduction to Veterinary Pathology, Third Edition, is constructed for the beginning student in veterinary pathology, to introduce new scientific information on mechanisms of general tissue injury into the language of medicine.


Who propounded the germ theory of disease! All the controls need to be healthy. Undergraduates can find it difficult to revise all aspects of the subject due its breadth. Short Notes in Surgery for Undergraduate Students!

IgM b. Which is the best meedicine for strength of association between exposure and outcome of interest. Appearance of complications Answer a customarily, ie. Communicability d.

Glass syringes Answer c. Since the prevailing causes of death may vary according to age and sex, e. Definitive host b. RR 1 indicates nil association whereas RR 1 suggests positive association between exposure and disease under study, the proportional mortality should be calculated separately for each age and sex group.

Theory of one-to-one relationship between causal agent and disease b. Approach is crude b. Gamma irradiation is used to sterilize: a. Linen d.

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  1. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. OPV c. Criteria for a disease fit for screening include: a. SAQs in Anatomy.

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