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The Acura ILX boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio. With an impressive power-to-weight ratio , the ILX is a formidable compact sport sedan on the road. More than a premium compact sedan, the ILX is makes its mark as a sport sedan in a leage of its own. With a Diamond Pentagon grille and powerful, yet beautifully-sculpted hood, trunk, and taillights, the ILX is bumper-to-bumper fearlessness. Stunning inch Shark Gray wheels amplify aesthetics with their aggressive stance, turning heads everywhere you go; they also allow you to be more connected with the road. The service is available at no cost for three years after purchase whereupon it will continue to be available on a subscription basis. With music sources available over the air, Internet, or your own digital library, even the most familiar songs will sound refreshed.
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Dallas Car Sharks Season 3 Episode 10 Plum Crazy

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