Heavenly portals and protocol pdf

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heavenly portals and protocol pdf

How You Determine the Portal Over Your Life — Charisma News

I believe understanding the things of God is vital to walking in the fullness of what God has given us in the new covenant through Jesus Christ. I by no means have full understanding, but I do have access to the Father in heaven and so do you. So why talk about portals? The church body, for the most part, has little or no knowledge of the existence of portals and does not recognize their significance. Historically, God has used portals in the events of man and continues to do so today. When we sing the verse in Psalm about the gates or ancient doors we have no idea what we are singing about but it sounds good to our ears. What are ancient doors and ancient gates?
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Patricia King - How to Open Heavenly Portals

The keys to the kingdom, binding and loosing. Scripture makes that clear, but many teachings on spiritual warfare being taught and circulated these days are not rooted and grounded in the teaching of scripture.

Portals to Heaven

A. Close banner Close. But the spiritual world is a realm from which we have our authority. These colors somehow speak of God's covenant blessings and commitment and are in reference to the rainbow over the throne.

Comments By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines. A couple of days ago God the father spoke to me, for the first time. I have had some experiences related to what you are writing about, my infant son and husba. Ont the wall behind me I saw a big old wooden wheel with saphires between the spokes.

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Printer-Friendly Version Forward to a Friend. To Donate to Elijah List Ministries click here , or use this address below:. We have featured her prophetic and intercession tapes on a number of our tape of the month subscriptions. It's fun when many of God's prophets are seeing the same thing. That's what we call "confirmation. Beneath the portals were individuals and groups of believers who were completely focused on the face of Jesus and His Kingdom. Their attention was heavenward.

The context of Daniel 12 is dealing with the times which we are in now. Christians have heavenlu granted access through Jesus Christ to come boldly before the throne of God. I turned around and another one of him appeared out of nowhere by the microwave. The lady in the example had an unusual fear that her daughter would be terribly harmed. The room went back to the normal darkness at that time of the day!

When you activate your cylinder of light, heaven can bring blessings to you. See more in the video below. You can expand your portal to heaven so that more of your prayers will be answered. Increase your faith, walk in all of the fruit of the spirit from Galatians Watch the video below. Rebecca King was backslidden, unsaved and using drugs and alcohol. A youth pastor asked her to speak at a youth meeting.


Human beings live in two realities, but we also live in a spiritual reality of which many are either uncomfortable with, Seer…I am new to all of tbis…what are porfals 2nd and 3rd Heavens. I thought maybe I asked mike since he knows computers. Hello. Could you please be of help?

You can expand your portal to heaven so that more of your prayers will be answered. I want to share with you about my experience of supernatural portal. Just minutes after the prayer, the daughter was in a terrible car crash.

Please let me know whether I may share those dreams on this post. I awoke from my sleep at this point. It amazes me that so much interest has sprung up in just the last year or so? Ours will be open as long as we live in this house.

Authority and Power Almost everyone has power over at least some others. God bless you with discernment and may you be filled with endless revelation from the Lord. While John was in exile on the isle of Patmos, a portal opened and he began to receive great mysteries of things to come. You only view God from your own flesh which demons blind people from believing Jesus as there Lord savior that God sent him t0 die on cross only to be raised up 3 days.

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