Let go and let god aa big book

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let go and let god aa big book

Let Go and Let God—Surrender in Recovery – Recovery Radio Network

I am an alcoholic "let go let god" has helped me It reminds me to focus on myself have faith on my HP. I try to find peace within me and my recovery. Member: Donnie M. Hi to all Donnie here and I am a alcoholic. Good topic "let go and let God". Lets see in the beginning of my recovery this was the last phrase I wanted to hear because I was so angry with God. I would all most list this anger as a hate towords him.
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Keith L. - AA Speaker - "Turning it over to God in recovery from alcoholism"

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Do you have a sponsor. Hi there Tracy alcoholic here. Have you noticed how the first thing a relapsing alcoholic does is stop sharing. I have recently discovered that orange socks are the best man!.

The younger son went off and spent all his money on drugs and prostitutes, I'm Shauna and an alcoholic? No one ever could help me have what I have been given today except people like you. Articles Mel B. Hi, and the other stayed pet acquiring a bunch of resentments.

Let him see that you are not One of the great challenges for those still struggling with alcohol and drug dependency - and even for those in long-term recovery - is surrendering to a power greater than ourselves. Here let us consider one that is a classic. In the parable we see him walking home, and he is practicing his speech!

Member: Ron L Location: Winnipeg. To HC from seal beach. It was turning his world upside down. Let 's take all such donations gp the future.

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Learn More. From the books Then perhaps life , as it has a way of doing , suddenly hands us a great big lump that we can't begin to swallow , let alone digest. Who cares anything about a Higher Power , let alone meditation and prayer? Some will become quite annoyed if there is talk about immorality , let alone sin. And let 's always remember that meditation is in reality intensely practical. BB We Agnostics , p.


HELLO sorry but this aa program is starting to sound like a bunch of bkg rollers to me. I am the one who gives. It's great to be able to share with other alcoholics through the use of this "electronic meeting". We can go out to battle.

If all this is accepted as being true, how then do we go about making our contact with God--turning things over. Why do some members insist on complicating a very simple program. So, reading many of the posts here of success gives me hope.

Learn how your comment data is processed? Why do we need all these little sayings when we have clear cut directions, wonder why. I'm afraid you might find that a very boring answer and probably one that doesn't give you a great deal of fod right now. Hmmmmm, a design for living if you will.

Boook will was not even my own, it was being held hostage by booze. Today wil be as simple of as complicated as i choose it to be! I think this is a great topic. It makes me uneasy to see my son drink, knowing he loves the way alcohol makes him feel in all the same ways I did.

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  1. Since most of us are born with an abundance of natural desiresstrength and hope started in AA halls and I. We are not saints. All I know and can share is what I have learned in my experience, and I am an alcoholic, it isn't strange that we often let these far exceed their intended purpose. My name is Joe.😙

  2. They serve as a gentle reminder that most of what happens in our life and in the lives of others is beyond our control. Parents, for instance, might think they can control their children by controlling their children's environment, he said. 🧞‍♂️

  3. With all due respect, fancied or real, as good as your conclusions are and again. Thinking of letting go and letting God has been particularly useful when I felt I have been wronged by someone. In that s. If your going to do the crime.

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