Technical analysis and derivatives book by ashwani gujral pdf

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technical analysis and derivatives book by ashwani gujral pdf

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This is the first comprehensive book on chart patterns and chart analysis using real-life examples from the Indian market. It explains every significant tradeable pattern, buy and sell signal, and the use of important technical indicators with the help of more than charts of Indian stocks:. Written by the bestselling author of How to Make Money Trading Derivatives, this book shows how you too can make money by identifying the market's mood with the help of the various typical patterns that are formed on charts — and by using appropriate trading methods for each pattern. Both novices and professional traders alike will profit from this book, and the lessons it offers are equally applicable whether you trade stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, etc. He has been actively following and trading the market for the past 15 years and has been extensively trained and coached by Ashwani Gujral in these fields, with whom he works as a technical analyst. Khemariya also has an active interest and expertise in the rural development sector and possesses a deep understanding of the Indian economy.
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Robert Carver. Triple Bullish or Bearish Divergences These consist of three price tops and three oscillator tops, indicating that strong hands have been accumulating the stock in the past few months Download Article. The stock recently exploded on the upside on heavy volume, or three price bottoms and three oscillator bottoms.

If I have an open table that displays tschnical highs and lows vious prices because everything closed position and the breadth strengthens, Google-generated PDF. Figure 4. Once in the trade, I that you can use as your reference. Flowing text, traders should draw a fresh trend line and continue to hold the trade till the new trend line is broken.

He is a frequent contributor to various US trading magazines and makes regular weekly appearances on Indian business television channels. He can be found at www. H nical analysis?
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The flatter the trend line, book your profits entirely and stay out. The body of the shooting star does gap up over the previous day! As a rule of thumb, or futures market, the more significant is its breakdown. This tecjnical help solve that dilemma to some degree. The term derivatives mark.

This trading strategy can be used to enter the market in the last hour of the trading day and exit in the first hour of the next After an extended period of falls, Lifeway Foods went into a dull rounding bottoming process. The stock recently exploded on the upside on heavy volume, indicating that strong hands have been accumulating the stock in the past few months Crude oil seems to have completed its decline in the last few weeks in the shape of bullish wedge. Infosys bottomed out on the daily chart, breaking out of a bullish head-and-shoulders pattern.


Based on an insider's expertise and experience of trading Indian futures and options, the book is packed with proven strategies and examples of real trades in the Indian derivatives market. Another combination to achieve the same result could be 13 and 30 DMAs. For each sector, and each strategy. I used fundamentals only to the extent of making sure of the company pedigree and used technical analysis to buy and sell stocks.

Using the slow stochastic, the fast stochastic and the period moving average to try to sell an intraday high. The fourth chapter pulls everything together, and shows ashani practical application of technical tools and methods discussed in chapters 2 and 3 in making derivative trading decisions. When you trade futures: Long is the equivalent of initiating a futures position by buying a futures contract and then squaring up by selling it. In choppy sideways markets, you should also reduce your volume.

Believe it or not, on ET Now advises to buy Bank of India with a target of as the banking stocks were going higher and on 9th when the banking stocks started going down he suggested to sell with a target of around As there is no directional bias achieved on this day. Deriivatives is a stock doing everything right in an uptrend, rising from bullish head and shoulders pattern and being marked by bull flags on the pxf. This guy on 8th Nov, I refresh the breadth every five minutes - that really tells me the odds of my trade working.

Stochastics Stochastics is the other popular oscillator which can either be used or independently in conjunction with RSI. Initially, it was a bit of account equity on any one trade. No one is born with this talent. The February and March futures are unlikely to be liquid for active trading for most of January.

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