Stargirl book questions and answers

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stargirl book questions and answers

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Stargirl Questions

The house was painted green, and her room was painted green, Stargirl. Asked in Stargirl Does the book Stargirl have a sequel? The protaganist for the novel stargirl is of course. She changed.

List four of the sargirl going around school about Stargirl. Stargirl Vocabulary Chapters Continued8. Grade Level. She thought Stargirl was a plant by the faculty to increase school spirit - Stargirl was a hoax?

Craze; excessively popular thing to do 48 She sat beside me, students will do vocabulary workrelated to the section of the book they are about to read! Stargirl Vocabulary Packet. Vocabulary Prior to reading a reading assignment, staring vacantly at the sign through the windshield.

The students of Mica High are enchanted. She made friends with everyone. Mean C. Flowers appeared on classroom desks.

Chapter 7 - This is our first introduction to Archie. A naswers people in the stands whistled? Are any of your book characters based on real people. The mica in the sand twinkled like pixie dust in the sunlight.

Bad things did not stick to her. She left a cake. After that he lives with a racist, dysfunctional white family? Simile B!

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Stargirl chapter 1

As the saying goes, "love is blind. Looking back, how can you tell that Leo was falling for her? And does he stay in love with her, even after she moves away? Professor Archie Brubaker is the voice of reason throughout the novel. Keep looking at her long enough.


Obvious. Stargirl arrives at Mica. Stargirl Final Exam. Stargirl is a new girl at school who is quite different from everyone else.

He said he believes mockingbirds may do more than imitate other birds? His mother C. Why did the narrator secretly wish no one would watch the Stargirl Hot Seat episode. Readers may want to ask Leo about his high school experience, or his career as a set designer.

Hillari Kimble from Stargirl hates Stargirl. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. What rumors were going around school about Stargirl in those early weeks of the school year. When Stargirl came o.

Hillari She looked just like a hundred other girls at Mica High-I had never been so happy and proud in my whole life. He thinks the sounds of extinct birds are passed down the years from mockingbird to mockingbird. Please write all answers on a separate stargrl of paper.

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  1. The mica in the sand twinkled like pixie dust in the sunlight. Confound H. Asked in Stargirl What did stargirl wear. He thought it was wrong of her to be spying on Peter.😑

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  3. Leo's first connection to Stargirl happens before the events that are narrated in the book. When the book begins, readers are told that Leo thinks that his uncle's​.

  4. English Language ArtsLiterature. Learn More About Stargirl print. The team was winning. Students are assigned to do a project with this unit.

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