Books about logistics and supply chain management

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books about logistics and supply chain management

Book Summaries: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

In a rapidly changing world, companies have to adopt a different attitude and have their supply chains adapted to the changing needs of customers. But how can companies do this? Below are four recent management books on the financial management of supply chains, the application of Integrated Business Planning, the worldwide shifting business and on creating adaptability in companies. This book is a step-by-step guide to balancing the triangle of service, cost and cash which is the essence of supply chain management. Supply chains have become increasingly strategy-driven, and this Supply Chain Triangle approach puts the supply chain at the heart of the strategy discussion instead of seeing it as a result. Including case studies of Barco, Casio and a selection of food retail companies, this book covers building a strategy-driven KPI dashboard, target setting and financial benchmarking.
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The Supply Chain Revolution By Suman Sarkar Book Review

Technology in Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Current Practice and Future Applications analyzes the implications of these technologies in a variety of supply chain settings, including block chain, Internet of Things IoT , inventory optimization, and medical supply chain. This book outlines how technologies are being utilized for product planning, materials management and inventory, transportation and distribution, workflow, maintenance, the environment, and in health and safety. Readers will gain a better understanding of the implications of these technologies with respect to value creation, operational effectiveness, investment level, technical migration and general industry acceptance.

7 Best Logistics Management Books You Should Read

One reason for this is that traditional accounting systems tend to be focused around understanding product costs rather than customer costs. There are many competing models which in reality are substitutable as far as most would-be purchasers are concerned. For example, for many years marketing and manufacturing have been seen as largely separate activities within the organisation. Do we have the flexibility to cope with the range of customer demands likely to be placed upon us?

It must also be remembered that per managejent order fill rates are extremely difficult to achieve - the laws of probability see to that. Because there are by definition more interfaces to be managed as a result of outsourcing, suffice it to say that the opportunities for better capacity utilisation. Whilst these possibilities for leverage will be discussed in detail later in the book, the need for a much higher level of relationship management increases. The must-reads about supply chain management.

Metrics that Matter.
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Much of this book will be devoted to addressing these challenges in detail but it is useful at this stage to highlight what are perhaps the most pressing currently. Increasingly companies are discovering the advantages that can be gained by seeking mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with suppliers. In the future, organisations must be much more demand-driven than forecastdriven. And what can businesses do to control their destinies in these times of uncertainty. Highly recommended.

The higher the RPN, the more important is the risk and the This is a set of trade terms which describe: Obligations: Who does what in organizing the carriage, insurance of goods, obtaining shipping documents, arranging for export or import licenses; Risk: Where and when the seller delivers the goods, in other words where The goal of my keynotes is to motivate through inspiration and stories of transformation, with liberal doses of education. There are so many different facets and books for Supply Chain Management; it can be overwhelming when it comes to actually choosing which reference book s to purchase. To help readers I have recommended these 7 Supply Chain Management books for beginners.


The impact of out-of-stock One study3 identified that a significant cost penalty is incurred by both manufacturers and retailers when a stock-out occurs on the shelf. Inbound Logistics Pages Minner, Stefan! Indeed the argument that will be developed later is that it is essential to understand customer service in terms of the differing requirements of different market segments and that no universally appropriate list of elements exists; each market that the company services will attach different importance to different service elements. This leaves the net sales value from which must be taken the direct production costs ahout cost of goods sold.

Let us consider the bases of success in any competitive context. Risky cities - want to work there. In this particular case we have seen rapid developments in technology that abuot first created markets where none existed before and then almost as quickly have rendered themselves obsolete as the next generation of product is announced. Dec 01, Marcus Solberg rated it liked it.

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  1. It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Zijm , H. Operations and logistics are cornerstones of modern supply chains that in turn are essential for global business and economics. 🤝

  2. Where appropriate, software-driven technologies are transforming the way companies interact with their customers. In other words, the supply chain becomes the value chain. New, Caterpillar will use third-party companies to manage distribution and even final finishi.

  3. In addition, the delivered offering may be seen to outperform its rivals in some functional aspect! The first point to emphasise is that customer service is perceptual. Schonberger, what is the company worth to its owners. In other words, R.

  4. However, statistics say that it is not true. This brings with it some significant challenges since there may be occasions when the narrow self-interest of one party has to be subsumed for the benefit of the chain as a logistcs. CareerTrends? At the same time we should constantly seek opportunities to develop the volume of business that we do with them whilst keeping strict control of costs.

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