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Operation Burnham: Hit & Run author backtracks on key claim | RNZ News

The New Zealand Defence Force has rejected the claims, saying nine insurgents were killed. In his scathing submission this morning, Hager said that although the NZDF was not untruthful all the time, it did not want to admit the truth. The claim by the NZDF that he and Stephenson had got the locations wrong in the book was later ditched. Hager said the most glaring and morally offensive part of the NZDF narrative was that the dead and injured villagers were absent from it. Hager noted that the NZDF had supplied more than documents to the inquiry but he and Stephenson has received 14 so far. He said the NZDF's lawyer last week sent a memorandum to the inquiry on May 17 this year disputing the inquiry's comparative analysis of public accounts of events during Operation Burnham.
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Hit & Run book launch and news conference (full video)

The New Zealand Defence Force has admitted that the photographs of an Afghan village shown in the book Hit and Run – the site where six civilians were killed.

Accidents: Driver responsibilities

Instead they appear to have been less than completely Very clear, very thorough, which contradicts what the authors were told by the villagers, does not exist. The publishers must love him. Lawyers representing the families of those killed pointed out that Tirgiran villa. He told Morning Report despite the ryn informati.

Trending Topics. None were in the villages during the raid. The deaths were first reported in the Afghan media the day after the raid. He also "absolutely" stood by the allegation that an SAS trooper beat a prisoner and handed him to the Afghan secret police where he was tortured.

They later told a news conference that a phone video of the funerals the day after the raid showed the insurgents attended the funeral and had not been present in the raid. He tells us he only started talking the insurgent leaders after the book was published and the reason for holding off until now was that he wanted to talk to as many as possible. War is unpleasant, peacekeeping is often not peaceful. But Attorney-General David Parker also said he had seen video footage which suggested a group of people in the village had been armed.

The unit consists of elite killers whose services are prized by Washington. The deaths were first reported in the Afghan media the day after na raid. The villagers also needed to be given the chance to respond to the insurgent commanders' claims, Mr Stephenson said. Wife of Abdul Razaq; hit by Apache fire [39].

Retrieved 7 July Following Operation Burnham, and several boxes of small arms ammunition, several lawyers representing the Afghan villagers nook that "Tirgiran Village" did not exist and clarified that Tirgiran was the name of the valley that included Naik and Khak Khuday Dad villages. Retrieved 15 April In response to Keating's press release.

He told Morning Report despite the new information, the issue of whether there were civilian casualties and the Defence Force covered it up - needs looking into, they said. Thanks Jon Stephenson and Nicky Hager. Ignorance, violence and impunity are a dangerous combination and we already know that the US forces and their Allied cohorts nook often get away with it. Maulawi Naimatullah's father Mohammad Iqbal and brother Abdul Qayoom were both shot dead as they ran nearby.

Book details killing of Afghan civilians in New Zealand SAS raid

The revelation directly contradicts accounts of Afghan villagers in the book who have maintained for years that no insurgents were present. Speaking to RNZ, journalist Jon Stephenson said he discovered the conflicting information after the book's release in and had been investigating it since then. I always wanted to get their views as part of the book, however my co-author [Nicky Hager] was of the view that the book needed to proceed. That was a legitimate view, I'm not being critical of him. But my view was that we needed to get their assessments of what had happened," he told Morning Report. I'll give that information to the inquiry. I'll allow them to make their determinations as to its reliability.


Rjn his presence with a weapon, along with other insurgents. More Details The report also claimed that the Afghan and coalition forces were attacked by numerous insurgents upon arriving in the target area. Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.

Tens of thousands of people have perished in similar operations since the illegal US invasion of the impoverished country. The NZDF report asserted that the Coalition forces had made a "callout" to the villagers through an interpreter informing them of their presence and general intention. The vook have rejected less-substantive accusations in the past that civilians were killed and Hager and Stephenson write those rejections were false. The NZSAS-led strike team only sustained one casualty when a commando nicknamed "Mo" was wounded by falling debris from a collapsed wall!

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