Religion and politics in america book

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religion and politics in america book

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Religion is, and has always been, a powerful force in American politics. Over the past three decades, the study of religion and politics has gone from being ignored by the scholarly community to being a major focus of research. This research has been dominated by studies of the mass public, but has included some examination of political activists and elites as well. Because this important research is not easily accessible to non-specialists, much of the analysis of religion's role in the political arena that we read in the media is greatly oversimplified. This book seeks to bridge that gap by examining the considerable research that has been conducted to this point and assessing what has been learned, what remains unsettled due to conflicting research findings, and what important questions remain largely unaddressed by current research endeavors. Thus, the authors review previous work, explain the findings of that research, and speculate about the bases of the various findings related to that topic.
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How religion turned American politics against science - Kurt Andersen

Religion and Politics in the United States. Using an evidenced-based, social-scientific approach to religion, Kenneth D. Wald and Allison Calhoun-Brown challenge the perception that religious influence in American politics is a problem to be solved.

Religion and Politics in America

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Frank Lambert provides a concise introduction to the major themes and key controversies, one that will appeal to general readers and students alike. Smidt Ph. Smidt, they also expect presidential candidates to talk about their personal faith. As recent elections have shown, Lyman A.

Religion and American Political Culture 4. Religion and Conservative Political Mobilization 9. It is the same old enemy with a new face. When Jefferson was running for president, elections were very different from what they are today.

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