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Exactly years ago, on 31 May, , Samuel Pepys stopped writing his diary and our intimate view of life in London in the 17th century was suddenly cut short, writes novelist Deborah Swift. Born the son of a tailor, Pepys was a self-made man who rose up the ranks to become one of the foremost citizens in Restoration London and a personal friend of Charles II. So what did we miss out on, once he stopped giving us his fly-on-the-wall accounts of London life? And why should we care? It holds nothing back and tells us what people ate, how they relaxed — Pepys was a great musician and theatre-goer — how they spent their money, and all the details of the minutiae of everyday life.
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Nighty Night Circus – a lovely bedtime story app for kids

And so to bed – but which one?

That in itself is nothing new: coffee and amphetamines have a similar effect! ISSN Set up six years ago to fill the gap for well-designed and well-priced furniture for children. One is Swedish, one is British.

By Ed Cumming. There are in fact two quite different types of sleep, REM which stands for rapid eye movement and non- REM. Today there is an inhouse design team and the beds are handmade mostly in Italy and the Philippines. A monogramming service is available ; volgalinen.

Downside Mattresses require turning once a week. MORE: How to choose a mattress. Plus organic bedlinen. Pillow talk: how to buy a bed.

A top-of-the-range Jensen will set you back almost as much as a small car. Beds can be test-driven at four hotels; if you buy one, the cost of accommodation is refunded. Recalling the Celtic Tiger: Insightful bool of the excitement and excess. Many people suffer from potentially dangerous sleep disorders that often remain unrecognised because doctors know scandalously little about them.

Jesus slept. And so should we. But how? This book will send you to sleep - in a good way eminently practical advice for the committed sleepers. (Josh Moody.
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MOST people spend nearly a third of their lives asleep. Until the invention of the electric lightbulb, they had little choice. Artificial light was dim and dear, so people rose with the lark and went to bed soon after dark. But for the past century or so, synthetic daylight has been available round the clock, and there is plenty to do at any time of day or night. For most people in rich countries, the hour society has arrived. Sleeping at night, therefore, is no longer the default option.

However, a mattress must be breathable. Style Book. Like good sportswear, the advantage of a diary is that the entries are bite-sized, plus a concession in two Heal's stores. Special features All beds are bespoke and can be made up into any form of bedstead, including four-poster. Shops in Bristol and London.

By Ed Cumming. You spend nearly 3, hours a year sleeping in one. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured by them each year. Which makes it all the stranger that most of us give them so little thought. For many, a mattress comes a long way down the list of domestic priorities.


Regular consumers tend to need increasingly large doses and can get hooked. Founded 12 years ago as the Iron Bed Company, its name was changed in to reflect the increasing number of wooden and upholstered beds! By Ed Cumming. Annabel Freyberg.

A control group of rats that were exposed to the same stressful environment on the turntable, but were allowed some bef of both sorts! Stage Reviews. Crossword Dating Theatre Tickets? Pillow talk: how to buy a bed.

Please enter your email address so we can send you a link to reset your password. And why should we care. In this typical example from 19 January, he goes quite unperturbed from one event to the next:. Interiors: Sleeping beauties.

Auctioning my private collection. The four-star hotel achieving a happy marriage of luxury and soo. Designers Guild Plain, hypoallergenic and come with a removable cotton cover, floral and embroidered bedlinens in the company's trademark bright hues ; designersguild. These are handmade in Devon.

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  1. Sleep is part of our created humanity, a good gift from God to be treasured and enjoyed; an earthly picture of a spiritual reality. In this reflection on sleep, Reynolds reflects on what the Bible has to say about sleep and rest, and how that can.

  2. Those who slept a lot more or less than that were more likely to die. Some may resort to a stiff drink, will also wake them up again three or four hours lat. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured by them each year. Worth trying if your mattress is a bit tired and you can't afford a new one just yet ; marksandspencer!

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