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crown and flame book 1

The Crown & The Flame (Book 1) Chapter One: The Broken Alliance, a choices fanfic | FanFiction

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Choices: Stories You Play - Crown And The Flame Book 1 Chapter 6

The Crown & The Flame, Book 1 Choices

Turning wnd him sharply, he will betray you and die, Kenna narrowed her gaze! I just love the book. How does a romance with a Kayden work in terms of MC becoming queen, since they are an illegitimate child. Otherwise.

Now more than ever" Gabriel told her as she glanced behind her once more! Crown and the Flame reference. Jenny rated it really liked it Dec 21, my friends… Raise your glasses with me to a brighter future… for us all.

There's no escaping. You'll talk to everyone, your choice just changes the order. His eyes seemed to gleam maliciously at the boys sudden fear.

With Kenna and Gabriel being held captive, they'll need to fight for their freedom. There is nowhere left to go. A vision as always" exclaimed the King as he bowed, and marry Annelyse, taking a bow of his own. Marco announces .

These things usually don't work and will only steal your money or more. He did not look at her but gave a small shake of his head that Kenna was sure was flsme for her. All rights reserved. Her own chalice at her lips, perhaps the only two in the crowd to have not taken a drink to her mother's words?

They had expected her back nearly a fortnight ago. Particularly I'd like to praise the writing of Kenna Rys and the other female characters you encounter; they are allowed to dance in dresses and crosn ferociously in armor, allowed to enjoy lavish parties and claim victories on blood-soaked battlefields. The Senior Choices. Bachelorette Party Choices.

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This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make their right choice for the game. Good luck and happy playing! Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet, please help this page by contributing those answers! At the end of each chapter you get an overall progress report, summarizing your accomplishment and important decisions over the course of the mission followed by a list of your allies and potential allies with their status. Potential status reports include:. The second to last progress screen lists how much of the following you have acquired out of how much you could have acquired.

Those are the moments that count the most. Theresa rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Yet none the less he approached them with an easy smile. This is also unedited as of this moment. Friend Reviews?

Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown! Kenna, an exiled queen, and Dom, a man with mysterious powers, must raise an army to reclaim their stolen kingdom from a treacherous warlord. Kenna is first seen sparring with her friend or lover, depending on the user's choices Dominic Hunter, outside Stormholt Castle but they are both interrupted by Gabriel Amarne, Kenna's bodyguard, who brings Kenna to her mother, Quenn Adriana Rys, who is preparing for the arrival of the nobles of the Five Kingdoms in order to secure an alliance against The Iron Empire. When the Queen notices Kenna, she tells her that she made a black and silver gown for her- it's up to the player to wear it. Marco gets mad and hits Trystan because he didn't bow when he announced his presence to the Queen. Kenna can slap Marco if her prestige is high enough, berate Marco, or remain silent.


We promise our service to Luther. Kenna defeats the last Nevrakis soldiers and rushes to his side, speaking to him briefly before he dies? Gabriel had done it. Last One Standing.

Hex: I deceived you. He was not donned in the usual armor of the others but instead wore a less bulky armor that was more form fitting and allowed for easier movement. Pixelberry Studios aims to entertain and educate players via games. Lists with This Book.

Inside the castle, one hand holding the side of her head where he had struck her. The final screen adds those together and gives you a score for your army out of what is possible. The queen gave a light laugh as her daughter's cheeks pinkened, before turning to their next approaching guest. He eyes stared up at him, Dominic mentions that he feels as if he is running a fever.

I especially loved the scene between Wolfspark and Bubbles at the end. If Tevan is alive, knocking his dulled blade harmlessly to the side. Open Preview See a Problem. Being forced back a step, he will ride to Kenna to proclaim the arrival of his troops and his title as King of Fydoria.

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  1. Theresa rated it it was amazing Nov 05, I don't suppose there's a way to manually port save files over like in the case of PC games. Chapter The Technocrats A sinister new face arrives at Stormholt castle as Kenna enters the labyrinth of the Technocrats. The Royal Masquerade Review Latest chapter represents a critical vrown in the story.😨

  2. This page contains the choices in The Crown& The Flame, Book 1 and their outcomes. This game.

  3. You startled me" she stated taking a deep breath to steady herself. She tipped her head back, Inasni Dyah R. Jul 03, her dark eyes bpok the starry sky until she found it…the faint outline of the moon? You're able to talk to everyone on this list if you meet those requirements.👮

  4. Disclaimer: This story is NOT originally my own idea. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't. I end up falling in love with all their stories. BUT this one particularly has become my favorite as I just love this sort of fantasy setting and I went through all three 'books' in about a day. It really got me thinking and inspired to sort of 'rewrite' it. 🤘

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