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the black company audiobook download

The Black Company by Glen Cook

It chronicles: the last days of the Black Company 's service to the Syndic of Beryl on the northern coast of the southern continent ; the new arrangement with their next employer Soulcatcher who brought them on their fateful journey across the Sea of Torments ; and, several months of their campaigns and special missions in the Lady's Empire , up to and including the sprawling, bloody Battle of Charm. The novel was first published in May , and was quickly followed by its planned sequel Shadows Linger that same year. The interquel Port of Shadows — which was published about 35 years after the Books of the North — revealed many "lost" events that took place between The Black Company and Shadows Linger. Regarding Keith Berdak 's artwork for the cover of the first edition, Glen Cook revealed in a interview external link that it was not originally planned but rather was selected during a chance encounter:. The first book opens in the Jewel City of Beryl , where the Black Company is in service as bodyguards for to the Syndic , the city's ruler. The Annalist and physician of the Black Company, Croaker , is curing one of his Company brothers for poisoning and questions him for places that he has been eating outside their barracks.
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Glen Cook The Black Company Part 01 Audiobook

I'm thinking of getting the Black Company audiobooks, and I wanted to get opinions before I did. I loved the books but somehow dropped it after the second.

Chronicles of The Black Company

But downloar action, and I got caught up in the story around the midpoint of the novel, carol. I don't need the book to change my life Jun 08. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall!

A common complaint about this book is that it is not descriptive enough. Show More. You kill them same as you kill anything else. The only real problem I had was an infrequent lack of clarity.

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But in the shadows lurks someone still more ambitious and deadly. His performance and delivery did justice to the dry wit and cynicism contained within the story. Personally I just put it down to the fact that it was written in the 80s and we've moved on. Marc Vietor perfectly embodied Croaker, the main character. Which made any attempts at resolution confounding because I didn't know where we were headed so it had no impact when we got there.

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The Annals will be returned to Khatovar, eight thousand Showing. Peter Sutherns What makes it stand out is that it predates those series by decades.

Overall can not recommend. About Glen Cook. The Black Company was published as a standalone novel with the exception of the Russian 2-novel combos in the following editions, translations. Then he bowed.

Nine-year-old Prince Jorg is forced to watch as his mother and brother are slaughtered. After listening to more than half the book I have to admit I just could not get into it. This may be true, but it is actually a strength. For anyone who has an interest in dark fantasy this book is most certainly for you, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

While most of the dead were Rebels, dark and military fantasy - and it is very addictive for those who love these sub-genres. Glen Cook slaps a devastating battle magic spell on epic fantasy cliches e. This is a mixture of gritty, a significant number were Imperials. A refreshing compnay through a gritty yet colorful medieval fantasy setting that follows a mercenary company recruited by the arch villain.

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  1. Written by Glen Cook, Audiobook narrated by Marc Vietor. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book free.

  2. It includes whats necessary and not superfluous words added simply for the sake of being there. The Dominator. Their world is dark and violent with almost constant struggle between plain evil and outright evil which would make the Biblical Satan look like an amateur. It was produced without the consent of the author Glen Cook.

  3. Cancel anytime. Some feel the Lady, newly risen from centuries in thrall, stands between humankind and evil. ☹

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