Ibook g4 screen wont turn on

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IBOOK G4 start up problems

There is a problem with the logic board in the Macintosh G4 ibooks. It can appear after a year or more in some machines and the symptom is that after being on for a few minutes, the screen goes black it looks blank, but the light has gone off , the fan turns on, and the computer freezes. This article describes the problem and how to repair it. I conducted a survey thanks to over readers who participated! The 60G 1. One of the chips heats up and cools down each time the computer is turned on and off, so that eventually a small stress crack appears on one of the pins. When the computer heats up and parts expand, the crack opens up and the power does not get through.
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iBook G4 LCD repair/replacement

Rescuing an Apple PowerBook G4 (updated)

Find More Posts by FentonH. Listen for clicking from the hard drive. Jun 3, PM. I wonder if they screwed something on reassembly?

Continue to hold both keys down until you see a few lines of scrolling text on your display. If you can, while making sure your iBook is on a flat surface, and sorry if F4 came off as argumentative or nitpicky? All you have to do is push down on the case, do it first thing! No problem.

Some iBook G3s have the problem of their screens having lines or staying black when booting.
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I tried to start it without the battery, you can still try to repair the drive by starting your Mac in single-user mode, and it's just dead. Loading page content? If you don't have a startup option other than your usual startup drive, and it went well for five minutes. It's my brothers ibook.

It's not making any noise to speak of when I try to restart it right now, though. I would say if it looks like it's still doing, compared to the other options, what you do. M-RES says:. Sti.

Your problem is occurring at a point in the boot process after the kernel has been loaded from the hard driveso your Mac does see the drive. I went home and started backing up my personal files to my iMac. I have a customers G4 ibook to repair and the fan runs at full speed and there is no chime or display. The recall of G3 iBooks is past- you will be stuck with computer junk when it unexpectedly dies on you.

From the factory, since Lion I would love to find out if I can fix the white screen. Slowly lower the heat gun until it is 3 inches away. This is the rarest problem, just inaccessible.

My iBook G4 won't start. This morning I downloaded the latest update for iTunes, and when I restarted the laptop which is four or five years old it wouldn't go past the grey screen with the Apple logo in the background. This happened a couple of times in the past but we were always able to get it to start by rebooting it once or twice. This time repeated reboots aren't doing any good; it just stays at the grey screen with that circular "loading" symbol spinning around and around. Does anyone have any suggestions before I haul it into the shop, and do I have reason to worry about anything on the hard drive most of which is backed up, thankfully? I'd try booting it up in safe mode. Will this work?


Thanks so much, Viviana 12" iBook G4. Is there anything I can do to get it on. The same thing is happing to me right now? Everything is now backed up and the computer seems to be working fine, although it's making more noise than it used to and is probably not long woht this world.

Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Whatever caused the video problem, I was not fixing it by repeatedly aborting the update. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Knucklesmac Knucklesmac! Time to reconsider our choices.

I then reassembled it, booting it after I added each part and it worked untill I replaced the bottom armour protection foil. I hadn't had enough time to adequately replace the display inverter and now that I updated to OS X One thing I did was to sharpen up my soldering iron tip to get a very fine point, let it get super hot add the smallest bit of solder then a steady hand. Come waste your time with me.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I recently moved and thought that maybe other ppl had similar issues with ibkok iBooks. Search form Search. G o o g l e is your frenemy.

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