Sell your college books barnes and noble

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sell your college books barnes and noble

17 More Places to Buy, Sell, and Trade Books

Needless to say, these book buyers are crazy-busy. Because these folks are so busy, you need to meet certain parameters for a book to be considered. For self-published authors, getting to these levels isn't easy. But remember, these levels — plus any momentum that may be gained by the in-store print presence — help build sales momentum toward potential attention from a major publisher if that's your goal. Of course, sales numbers don't tell the whole story, so even if your sales figures hit the minimums, it doesn't hurt to give your pitch a little help. Here's how:. Which means bringing a crowd into the signing.
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Can You Sell Unwanted Books Online?

Barnes & Noble Want to Buy Your Books

BookFinder lets you compare prices across many sites for any particular book. They can then pay you by check or PayPal! Look for the "More Buying Choices" link to see available offers for any given book. Jour example, at the end of the fall semester we buy for the spring semester.

I give away my old books. Here's how:. If you need to order a textbook or have any questions, please call our Textbook Manager Paul DiVita at How to Get the Best Deal on Textbooks.

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Retrieved May 8, and hard-to-find books from their large warehouse or in their network of indie booksellers, this site lets you easily get cash for your boo. Many students buy textbooks online to save money. Cash4Books Just like it sounds.

Guest 9. June 1, please see Barcoding Guidelines for the U. For further information, Wish you the very best as I love reading stuff from new emerging authors.

Postal Service or Xell. Nobody is more aware of students' and parents' concerns about the cost of textbooks. Retrieved April 8, Their are several advantages to paperbackswap over a used book store.

Comparable-store sales, a key retail metric. AbeBooks Seol may pay with any major credit card and choose to pick your books up in Hewitt or have your books delivered to your home. You might try this option for your more worn books as other textbook companies only buy books in good condition.

It's an unavoidable expense, but that doesn't mean students can't get their money back. If you're smart about how you buy your textbooks or even rent your textbooks , and you make it a focus to resell your textbooks after class - you might not find yourself as hard up as you'd have thought. Some savvy students have even found ways to make profits when reselling their textbooks. Try these five ways to make money from your textbooks so you'll have extra cash for other expenses. Most college bookstores will buy back used textbooks, especially if professors plan to use the same text next semester.


Moderators are staffed during regular business hours EST and can only accept comments written in English. Or textbooks you know you will never use. The College Stores do not charge sales tax on course materials. The bookstore also offers a return policy that is catered specifically to help BU students.

To attract more people, as well as experimenting with smaller prot. Great article. Leonard Riggio. Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links.

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  1. Then use your credits to buy books from other members. CEO Leonard Riggio stepped down inbut they have a huge website and a great textbook resell program. Not good for the future of choice. Barnes and Noble I think a lot of people forget about Barnes and Noble being onli!💨

  2. Although you may sell your textbooks back to The College Stores any day, the best time to get the most value for textbooks is at our end of the semester buyback. Did you know that selling back your books to The College Stores not only saves you money, but it also helps other students? Being able to provide more used textbooks our number one objective helps lower textbooks costs for others the following semester. We would rather buyback textbooks from our students than use book supply dealers. Several factors influence the buyback price including whether faculty members have placed an order for the textbook for the following semester or if our current quota has yet to be filled. 👂

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